Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dr. Dre vs. Lil Wayne (Not a mashup)

     Every generation has produced it's fair share of crap when it comes to music. Even the greatest musicians of their times were not above criticism. But none have earned it more than today's hip-hop artists. Yes I am talking to you Lil Wayne and T-Pain.
     It dawned on me last night when I started listening to Blackstreet's No Diggity which gave me a hankering for some Dr. Dre which naturally led to Snoop, then to Eminem and pretty much right on down the ladder of 90's era rap and hip-hop artists. It was as I was lost in the nostalgic wonder of my high school days that I came to this simple realization...
     "The days of talented rap artists are long gone, and may never return in my lifetime."
     As that thought rolled through my mind, I shed a silent tear and tipped my Pepsi to the true G's that kept my trunk slappin throughout my tender youth.
     Now a moment of clarification for all the "haters" out there who think I have no clue what I am talking about. I completely understand that rap has always, since its invention, represented the culture on the streets and it was a way for those who had it rough to express themselves in a form of art as American as apple pie. I understand that.
     I also know that as long as it has been in existence, there have been rappers who have written songs about drugs, sex, violence, and the overall disdain for the establishment, hell some of the best rap groups wrote nothing but hate music.
    When groups like NWA were telling everyone to "f*@k the police," it wasn't so some big record label would fly them to Europe on a world tour, or even so MTV could play 15 seconds of their song while Carson Daily made little girls scream on Times Square. No, the sang it because they were passionate about the art they created.
     Now it seems that there is no message besides how awesome an artist thinks they are, or how many b*@#$!s they can pull, or how many shorties are in apple bottom jeans, in the rap songs of today. Evey song is about the bling, the fluff, there is no meat to it.
     Besides that everyone is lazy nowadays...how many songs can I stomach that have to do with lollipops before you see my lunch...just saying. And what makes it worse is now with auot-pitch as all the rage, artists don't even have to be talented, just well backed.
     I leave you though with what started this whole thing... Blackstreet's hit, No Diggity.

Blackstreet- No Diggity
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     Far cry from this right? I know I miss the good old days too!

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