Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lesson from a "Rodcaster"

  So as many of you know, I recently took part in the Run and Walk against hunger Thanksgiving morning in downtown Stockton. It was put on by the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton/San Joaquin and was the fifth year of the event.
  Also most of you know that I was broadcasting live during my walk, a task that has yielded many a lesson about live mobile broadcasting, of which I will share with you right after you watch my short intro video from the gathering area.

Time for the lessons:

  1. That this idea works - Now I know I am not the first person to broadcast live on the move, or even the first to do something like this, but with that said, this is the first time that I have attempted anything of this nature and the fact that I could put together a broadcast of this kind was all the motivation I need to try it again soon.
  2. Have a longer battery life - I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take me to walk 5k while wearing the broadcasting rig and talking and typing...lets just say that next time, I have to make sure the battery in the computer last longer than my lung capacity by the end of the broadcast.
  3. Alway and I repeat ALWAYS have a solid crew supporting you - I could have done this alone, but let me tell you how thankful I was that I did not have to. I have to give major props to my friends and colleagues at the Delta College Broadcast department for stepping up and making my dream come to life. Also thanks to Matt Beckwith and his daughter for moving at the speed of snails along with me the entire route, their company was greatly appreciated. Also thanks to those of you who participated at any point during the show, which leads to my next lesson.
  4. These shows are about you - I may be the one who is strapped to a computer (literally) but I am not doing this for my own satisfaction, (ok, maybe a little but don't hold that against me) I am really trying to get people involved in their community and help get Stockton back on the same page. These crazy wacky things I do are baby steps to prepare for what I want to see happen in 2010, Stockton finally having it's own media voice. And I can't do that alone, I will continue to need your support and encouragement.
  5. Next time, more business exposure - So as with anything that I do, I alway encourage local business to get involved. There is no more perfect platform from which to deliver your message than a local broadcaster at a local event. In the future, I will actively seek out the business that I know from Twitter, especially those who are active on the #Stknbiz scene, and partner with them to promote business in Stockton and support for these establishments. I feel it is important now more than ever to support each other and help these businesses grow and become more of an asset to our city. 
  Overall though, I will have to go on record as saying that the entire experience was a plus. I was able to take many of the skills and techniques I have deployed through my many years of Internet broadcasting and turn it into something I am proud of and will be working to improve upon.
  So what's next for this seemingly fearless Rodcaster? That is for us to decide. There are many events coming up because of the holiday season, so if you have an event, or know of an event that lends itself to my brand of delivery, feel free to suggest it in the many ways available. I truly believe that together we can rewrite what the rest of the country thinks about us, and more importantly, what we think about ourselves.
  Our city is full of good people and together, we can help shine a spotlight on them and let them represent us as opposed to those who outside media sources choose to be the face of Stockton.
  Let's build momentum for the year to come and take the city of Stockton by storm in 2010.